Hello, and welcome to Linny’s Laser Cutting. I am a model railway enthusiast, and have been building model trains for years. I’ve been asked to share some of the kits I’ve produced for myself, and here they are.

These carriage kits are produced from laser-cut card, MDF and mount board, and can usually be assembled with nothing more than PVA glue, a scalpel or sharp craft knife, and a few spots of superglue. They are not intended to be the last word in fine-scale modelling, but rather to give an approachable and simple entry into kit-building rolling stock to give modellers some variety in their trains.

I also take commissions for work, and can produce carriages, wagons and buildings, in card, paper, MDF and plywood up to 6mm thick. I draw up parts from scale drawings or can cut parts to your own drawings if you’re proficient in CAD.

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